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52 Pinup: Wildcard Bombshells

Digital Gallery Exhibition by Sophie Jewel


A short story of how this project came to be…

Last summer, a friend sent me this vintage deck of 1940s nude playing cards, where the box says “Artist’s Models Deck: 52 Figure Masterpieces”.  Feeling fairly certain these were not actually intended for drawing reference, I saw a challenge.


Pinup girls and retro style have always been a huge influence to me, something I am very passionate about. I feel Pinup art and the culture around it has been the perfect outlet for me and other women to turn the tables on female objectification.  Pinups, in my context, help women to be brave and bare it all if they want to and finally take ownership of our own sexuality. It is no longer shameful to be sexy, it is empowering.


Wildcard Bombshells hopes to raise money and awareness to sexual wellness and empowerment. Panned Parenthood, being an organization close to my heart and in need of the community’s help in this current climate, felt the most relevant and worthy to benefit from this exhibition.  This is why a portion of every sale will be donated directly to a local Planned Parenthood branch.

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